Print is Not Dead. Designed for you, the print designer. Available IRL.

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CMYK Lumbar Pillow

Take care of your back.

Tote Bag

Carry your laptop, supplies and lunch in this handy tote.

Jr. Designer Opinion Ender

Got a Jr. Designer with lots of opinions? Put an end to that with this handy pacifier.


Super handy. Unmistakably yours.

Melamine Plate

Clients are coming for a lunch meeting. Bring out the good plates.

Jr. Designer Feedback Form

For post-lunch design reviews.


Must. Have. Coffee.

Neoprene Laptop Sleeve

Protect your baby.

Jr. Designer Lunch Catcher

Lunch meeting! 100% Authentic Yellow.

CMYK iPhone Case

A little CMYK for your RGB lifestyle.

Cable Bag

Keep all those cords and dongles tidy. Customize with a label, your name your mother’s maiden name. Just kidding.

Jr. Designer Work Uniform

What to wear, what to wear — ah!